Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rose GrimshawRose Grimshaw
Passed 1st Time
I had an excellent experience learning how to drive with Hazel. She was always friendly, patient and clear, and made me feel comfortable and confident in the car. The LDC workbook was very helpful to consolidate Hazel's lessons, and we methodically built up driving skills and technique over time. I had no previous driving experience, and was not able to practice outside of lessons, but thanks to Hazel I passed first time. Thank you Hazel!

Joe ForanJoe Foran
First Time Pass
My instructor was very helpful. Lessons were always fun and were very informative going into detail to help me become a confident driver. I always felt calm in my lessons, when I made a mistake Hazel was very patient. I found the workbook very helpful it explains in detail everything you need to know.

Harry HorganHarry Horgan
Passed 1st time
My instructor, Hazel, was very good at teaching. She was clear and her instructions, whilst teaching me were laid very well. The workbook was very detailed and handy, especially the show me, tell me questions. Also the theory app was very helpful.

Hannah CarterHannah Carter
Passed 1st time
I really liked the style of empowering the learner to plan their own lessons and think for themselves about how they need to improve. Hazel was so supportive and calm, she made me so at ease. Thank you!

Yasmin StuartYasmin Stuart
Passed 1st time
Having Hazel as my driving instructor has been a great experience as I have managed to better my confidence issues with driving, thus making me a licensed driver that is both safe and certain. She has made my learner driver experience enjoyable through creating a comfortable atmosphere whilst teaching and helping me master all the necessary skills. Some aspects (such as the reverse bay park) took a few tries but due to her patience, optimism, and teaching capabilities I was able to vastly improve. I would thoroughly recommended Hazel and thank her very much for helping me pass my driving test! I found the LDC Workbook and videos very useful; the book allowed me to prepare and make plans beforehand for lessons and evaluate my progress to pin-point what to improve on. Thank you once again for all your help! Yasmin

Gemma Bonington
Passed 1st Time
I have hated driving as I had 2 bad instructors in the past. Then Hazel comes along - GODSEND. I love driving now, she has made me feel calm, able and comfortable and I felt confident in the test and passed first time. Hazel is so chilled and I couldn’t recommend her more. I really now enjoy driving thanks to my lessons and feel like a very competent and safe driver!

Amy McCawleyAmy McCawley
Passed 2nd time
I am so grateful for all of your support Hazel, you are the best.  Before I started my lessons with Hazel I had already had several instructors from independent and other companies over the years and could not seem to get to test ready. As soon as I began my lessons with Hazel she created a learning environment where I felt relaxed, reassured and excited to be doing my lessons and preparing for life on the roads. I found the workbook and online resources from LDC really useful and those alongside Hazel's fantastic skills as an instructor helped me to pass in less than a year, which was a goal which had seemed out of reach for so long. Hazel helped me to gain confidence on the road quickly, planning my lessons together using a focused and fun approach. I felt I had choice in how I learnt and what to try next while still maintaining structure using the LDC model. Everyone learning to drive will find different parts of the process challenging. With Hazel I felt that the areas I found most challenging where much easier to overcome with her clear, calm and confident way of communicating what wasn't working while still helping me to feel confident and assured that I was making good progress. I would highly recommend Hazel to anyone of any level of experience learning to drive or looking to pass their tests as she is professional, friendly and has a way of making you feel so at ease. I passed my theory first time and I know this was down to not just the resources from LDC but Hazel's skills as an instructor, correlating what I had been learning to real scenarios on the road as I took my practical lessons which helped the knowledge to come to life and stick. I passed my practical driving test on my second attempt after Hazel supported me to gain control over the overwhelming nerves I had experienced on my first attempt, she coached me through managing my nerves with tips and encouragement. Hazel is an amazing driving instructor and worth every penny, not only did she help me to pass but I now feel I am a confident and safe driver thanks to her mentoring.

Rebecca CollinsRebecca Collins
Passed 1st time
Hazel was a brilliant instructor, very patient and always catering the lessons to my learning objectives and weaknesses. We covered lots of different areas, and drove in many different locations, with varying traffic, scenarios, etc. Doing the test routes was invaluable as it familiarised me with the test area as well as driving with a sat nav. More than anything the lessons have improved my confidence on the road hugely. My learning was definitely reinforced through use of the workbook. The video material did not feel necessary to me and felt a bit of an expensive purchase - but I can see why it may be useful to some students. The lessons themselves are a bit more money than other instructors, but I liked the structure that LDC provided so did not mind too much. As Hazel is still a newish instructor, I’m sue she’ll get even better over the next year and have lots more passes. It was an enjoyable experience.

Julio EstevesJulio Esteves
Passed 1st time
I have been driving for almost 32 years and since I moved to the UK from Portugal I challenged myself to get a Full UK Driving Licence. I will always be eternally grateful to Hazel for helping me pass my driving test at my first attempt. She immediately identified my bad habits and made me feel at ease and we progressed through the course at a speed appropriate to my ability and confidence. Throughout the process of learning, the LDC Student Hub helped me to pass my Theory Test after I failed it the first time. Hazel was reassuring, calm and kind. I passed my driving test with 2 faults. If you are interested in learning to drive, I highly recommend Hazel and LDC Driving School. Cheers Hazel, Julio

Leah Shaw
Reassuring & enjoyable
I found driving with Hazel very comforting and reassuring. At the end of each lesson I was asked what I felt I still needed to work on and what I thought went well. This enabled the lesson to be tailored to what I felt most comfortable trying next and setting my own personal targets, such as ensuring to check my mirrors prior to indicating, without being told. I previously had driving lessons with another company that I was having difficulty with, and Hazel taught me all new driving methods that I felt more comfortable with and they improved my driving. I found Hazel’s instructions and descriptions clear and easy to understand, and I highly enjoyed my lessons.

Jessica BostockJessica Bostock
Passed 1st time
Hazel has been fabulous - I was struggling before I came to her with my driving. But since learning with Hazel it has been made easy, simple and fun! I really appreciate everything you have done, thank you! The workbook has been the resource that has helped me the most, especially with regards to manoeuvres. It is really important to prepare for lessons to get the most out of them.